Q. What is your fee?

A. There is no fee to be introduced to a potential match.  Cleveland Yentas is composed of volunteers who perform the mitzvah of helping single Jews in Cleveland find their beshert (match).


Q.   How does Cleveland Yentas work?

A.   After you complete your profile form, Cleveland Yentas will either contact you with questions or start looking for your beshert (match).  Once a potential match is identified, both people will be asked if they would like to proceed with meeting the other person.  If both agree, a Yenta will provide contact information for the two to set-up their own date. After the date, please provide feedback to Cleveland Yentas.  You can either go out again or we can look for a better match based on your feedback.


Q. When will I be contacted?

A. You will be contacted by the Cleveland Yentas if  we have  any questions regarding your profile submission. If not, Cleveland Yentas will contact you when a potential match has been identified.


Q. On how many dates will I be set-up?

A. Cleveland Yentas is not a dating service; Cleveland Yentas is a matchmaking services.  The intent is not to set you up on numerous dates.  The intent is to find your match, which can take time to identify.  Cleveland Yentas focuses on quality meetings, not quantity of dates.


Q. How can I reach you?

A. The best way to reach the Yentas is via email, either through the contact form on this website or by emailing CLEyentas@gmail.com.


Q. Who are the Cleveland Yentas?

A. The Cleveland Yentas are a handful of volunteers who are involved, work, and live in different areas of Cleveland.  The Yentas meet on a monthly basis to review matches and often review profiles as they are submitted between meetings.


Q. What is your success rate?

A. Cleveland Yentas has been slowly rolling out since November 2013. In that time, we have set-up many dates and have some exclusive relationships.  As more people submit their profile there will be increasingly more opportunities for potential matches.


Q. Is this just for Jews?

A. Yes, the purpose of Cleveland Yentas is to match single Jews with other single Jews who want to live in Cleveland.


Q. Isn’t Jewish matchmaking just for the Orthodox?

A. No. There are many matchmakers for the Orthodox community.  However, we at Cleveland Yentas feel that non-Orthodox (Reform, Conservative, Unaffiliated, etc.) and Orthodox can all benefit from traditional matchmaking.  We are trying to fill that need in the non-Orthodox community.  Note, we do not turn Orthodox people away, but they are not our target and are a very small portion of our clientele.


Q. Is this just for people in Cleveland?

A. One of the goals of Cleveland Yentas is to grow and strengthen our Jewish community in Cleveland. Therefore, Cleveland Yentas focus on people who live in Cleveland or who want to move to Cleveland.


Q. Can I send you names of people whom I think would appreciate this service?

A. Yes, please do.  You can direct them our website address (www.CLEyentas.com) or provide them with our email address (CLEyentas@gmail.com).  Or, you can email their names to Cleveland Yentas for us to contact them.


Q. How is this different from other dating websites?

A. On dating websites, you create and post an advertisement of yourself.  With Cleveland Yentas, you describe yourself and what you are looking for to the Yentas so that they can look for a match for you.  Your submission is not forwarded to a potential match or posted on a public website.


Q.  Do I have to upload my picture?

A.  Yes.  The picture helps us better understand who you are.  If you have difficulty with this step of the online form, please contact us at CLEyentas@gmail.com.  If you would like to have a different picture sent to a potential match, upon request, you can email a different photo to Cleveland Yentas at CLEyentas@gmail.com.


Q.  Can I complete a form for someone else?

A.   No.  In order for us to know that an individual wants to be part of the Cleveland Yentas’ service and for us to truly understand who he/she is and what he/she is looking for, an individual must complete his/her own profile form.  You can help someone complete the form, if you would like.


Q.   Who is eligible to sign up with Cleveland Yentas?

A.  Cleveland Yentas is for single, Jewish people seeking a serious relationship (usually marriage), who are 21 years of age or older, who live in Cleveland or want to move here.


Q.  After I submit my application can I go back and make changes?

A.  No, but you can email us with any updates or revisions through our website or directly to CLEyentas@gmail.com.


Q. How is there no fee for this service?

A. We are operating on a very tight budget funded by grant money.  We want this service to be accessible for all Jews in the Cleveland Community.  That is one of the reasons why we do not charge a fee.  This is also why we are seeking additional grant money.


Q. I love what you are doing here. How can I help?

A. If you have resources or time that you would like to donate in order to see Cleveland Yentas grow, please contact us at CLEyentas@gmail.com.  Thank you in advance.


Q.  I would like to know more about Cleveland Yentas?

A.  You can contact Cleveland Yentas directly at CLEyentas@gmail.com with any other questions you may have.